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*July 2014
We added new and interesting thermal and electrical machinery on the page of the second-hand.

*December 2013
This year we have exceeded the threshold of 200 boilers provided in the CIS countries (particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan). They are especially boilers for steam production (fire tubes at two or three passes, water tubes), but also for the heating of water and thermal oil. Regarding the fuel, there are many gas boilers but recently there has been an increase of biomass boilers (in particular pellets, chips and shells of seeds) and heat recuperators (for the production of steam through the heat of smokes from engines or from technological processes). The last supplied in 2013 is a steam generator 4 t/h with its deareator (see pictures here below).

*September 2013
We have started several biomass boilers this year, especially in Ukraine and Belarus. They are for production of steam, with capcities from 1,5 to 10 MW. Contact us for more information.

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